Soothing the uterine samba.

At a party last week a friend played a great Bob Marley cover. It was the moment I realized that I needed to up my musical contribution to my son’s gestation. This evening I lay with the wife and plonked the speakers against her belly and started through the classics. We’ve found I the past that a bit of David Bowie works wonders in calming down the kicks. Possibly as he wonders what’s going on rather than any supernatural baby wrangling quality to the thin white duke.

But now I’m in a quandary. What should a young man be introduced to? Do we pump the womb full of the great men and women? Do we stick to rock? Add Mozart? Chuck in some Motorhead? Or should we branch out? I’m told that the memory won’t last past 10 minutes, but others give me the whole line about music helping to form the brain at this early age? Am I just introducing him to classic rock and roll if I play the rolling stones or will he get to prep school and start introducing himself as a man of wealth and taste?

So far he seems to like:

  • Bowie
  • Munford and Sons
  • Black Sabbath
  • Mozart
  • Bob Marley

But weirdly, despite his delight at Black Sabbath he starts to do back-flips in the womb when Metallica comes on. Possibly he’s taking even more delight in Hetfield et al letting rip? Who knows? I’ll have to wait eighteen years to find out. The fuckers had still better be touring!

Never having been bought up on music As a cultural cornerstone I think I have a need to make sure that he experiences everything that’s out there. For now I think I’ll just have to broaden my tastes. Maybe even buy a guitar and learn a few chords. I’m not sticking on a wimple and twirling through the Austrian fields like a love struck Julie Andrews, but if I’m gunna find something that hooks him I’ll need to be more open minded.

Just no Jazz….