She’s sooooo sleepy!

The wife is getting tired. It’s a helpless position you’re in as a bloke. You have a strong need to help, to fix, to remedy, and to make things better. But the little bugger in her belly is stealing the energy, its nothing to do with you. So what do you do? Provide a shoulder to sleep on? Get the biscuits and a cup of tea and stick on reruns of bakeoff? I’m never sure what to do for the best – because if I do let her sleep – she’s then awake into the early hours of the morning or she’s waking up.

Anyway – here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Sofa, blanket, snooze

This has been a go to for a while. Especially if we’ve ben out during the day. She’s pretty fit so the whole waddle thing isn’t there, but too long walking now really knackers her. An hour power nap followed by tea and some sort of sugar hist the spot.

  1. Bake off/ The Voice #shitTV

This is where the brain numbing asshattery you can’t stand comes in handy. She’s tired, she wants to be with you, but heading out just isn’t an option. So stick on something that can let her brain slowly switch off. Again – make with the Tea and biscuits.

  1. Drag her ass off the couch

This is to be used only when there has been too much sitting around. You’ll have to use your judgement here, but is she tired or is she bored. If you can get a brisk 10 minute walk in followed by some food she may soon perk up. Take along something to talk about – planning is always a good one. What’s happening next year?

As the time gets nearer I’m sure she’ll get tireder. More creativity will be called for…