Trying to bash out a post on my phone in an empty waiting room in an ex-pat (rich economic migrant) hospital on a Sunday afternoon.

The wife has just been taken off to be weighed and measured. Her pee collected and examined for fuck knows what while I watch reruns of the Volleyball on CCTV5. 

There’s an occasional clop of heels as a bored receptionist walks past to fill her water bottle or get a coffee. 

These sorts of places are strange when you’ve been brought up with the chaos of the UK NHS. Though I would still take the UK system over the byzantine nightmare of medical insurance. 

The interest today is the poster on the wall advertising a service for ‘Lying in’. A Chinese tradition that says new mothers should do bugger all for a month. You can actually book a room at a hotel/hospital for the service. They do all the work for you. However the cost is slightly absurd….

Yep. That’s £30,000 for a month being waited on post partum.

Hang on, the docs are calling me,