Yep! It’s a real thing. Men are not only meant to shower the women they love with gifts before the baby, but after too. Line some addition to the three grand you blew on her engagement ring, she gets another.

A push present, or the ‘forget about the blood, pain and shit, here’s some diamonds’, seems to be being thing. So now I’m stuck. What do I get?

The whole thing seems a bit mad. Almost like it belittles the moment you’ve had. A real life delivered into your hands. It’s almost a bit tacky. But then again at the moment the pre baby hormones have me and I would’ve happily buy her 100kg of jackfruit if I thought she’d like it. 

So jewelry….tough ask, will get it wrong. I’m opting for a shopping trip. At the moment I’m thinking Loubiton or Jimmy Choo, something she can wear regardless of her state post baby. She may say no and just opt for a packet of biscuits, but I’d like her feel something of how I feel for her. It’s not the gift itself, it’s the giving of it.